From our Pros: 2 Meet Warmups for Top Performance

If you’re like most swimmers, you’re constantly searching for the perfect meet warm-up: that perfect balance between doing too little to be ready and doing so much we ruin our races.

For a lucky few, a 500 paired with some dryland exercises is enough. That’s not true for most of us, though. Have you ever had an amazing swim at the end of a hard practice at the end of a hard week? Sometimes your body needs a long warm-up to shake out the butterflies and get the muscles ready to work hard. They’re all very different but the common thread is that none of the swimmers are wedded to exactly the same warm-up- they adjust the warm-ups based on how they feel and what their bodies tell them. Hopefully you can find something in here that helps you SWIM DIFFERENT!

Aly Tetzloff

National Teamer, LA Current member, and versatile sprinter

"My workout utilizes a lot of equipment and is based alot on how I feel. It incorporates what we do in training and what I’m used to so I can compete at a high level.” 

300-400 swim

300-400 kick and the last 100 some blast


300 with buoy and paddles

10x25 on :15 rest

2 or 3x100/75/50 (distance depends on how she feels) on

1:00/50 building the heart rate from 180 to 190 to 200

4 or 8x50 drill (4x50 if she only swims one stroke that day

but 8x50 if she swims two strokes)


Emily Escobedo

National Teamer, NY Breakers member, and Elite Breaststroker

“It’s adjusted depending on how I feel – sometimes I need more sprints and less pace. Sometimes I need more kick if my legs are very sore. I try to get a good feel of my bod and what I need and from there”

200 pull

200 kick

200 IM drill/swim

3x100 build choice (usually breast or IM order)

4x50 (usually breast or IM order)

#1 drill/swim

#2 drill/swim

#3 smooth distance per stroke

#4 build (long)

50 EZ

2 or 3 50s @ 200 pace

25 sprint off the blocks


Cool down