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The Brick has been bought by some of the biggest names and programs in the country, including 6 of the top 20 teams in Division I college swimming.  One of those teams tested one Brick and after a single practice placed an order for 24!

The Brick was originally developed as a resistance tool for lap swimmers and we knew that your legs would be worked in a way no kickboard could do before.  But since its inception we've discovered that it's so much more than resistance.  It's transformational.  It's a game-changing tool that has the ability to elevate not just your body, but your competitive edge.  From lap swimmers to triathletes to synchronized swimmers, it offers a whole new way to look at your training.  But don't just take our word for it.  Much of what we've learned about The Brick has come from our customers:

What is The Brick?  Check it out here.

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One of the coolest things we’ve had the opportunity of doing since starting this channel is trying out a bunch of cutting edge training products. Things like underwater headphones, futuristic snorkels, and a paddle conceptualized by Michael Phelps himself. Perhaps the coolest and most effective product we have had the opportunity to review is this, The Brick.


The Brick is awesome. One of the best pieces of equipment I have used since the snorkel. Love how it enables you to kick in a natural position. You feel your core immediately. Great job with this.

- Coach Bob Y. (head coach of a USA Swimming club team)

Thanks for your work developing this product. It is a positive advancement and should be another tool in every coach's and swimmer's toolbox.

- Coach Erik M. (coach of a USA Swimming club team):

My Brick came in last week, and I've been using it all weekend. It's great! I've been able to even incorporate it into some of my synchro workouts, which has been fantastic (and hard).  I think this will be incredibly useful for synchronized swimmers.

- Katie K. (synchro swimmer)


Sample Brick Workout 1:

This is a set one of the biggest club teams in the country did with The Brick.  It's perfect for technique and conditioning because it mixes lengthy Brick kicking with a couple easy 50s to focus on swim technique:

5 Rounds of:
3x100 kick with The Brick @ 1:45 mixing in underwater dolphin, breaststroke, and flutter kicks on their stomachs and backs

2x50 swim @1:00

Sample Brick Workout 2:

4 Rounds of:
50 moderate kick with The Brick on 1:00-1:30
50 fast kick with The Brick on 1:00-1:30
50 moderate kick with a regular board on 1:00-1:30
50 fast kick with a regular board on 2:00


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