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Austin Surhoff Signature Bottom

I wear the bandana on my Fike Swim Signature Suit because I walk the path of the rogue as a professional swimmer, and the bandana is the eternal symbol of the American outlaw. From cowboys, to Teddy Roosevelt, to rock stars, the bandana has been worn as a badge by those who refuse to settle for what they are “supposed” to do in life. I forge past what I’m not supposed to do every day:

You’re not supposed to keep getting faster in your 30s.
You’re not supposed to coach yourself.
You’re not supposed to transform from a 400 IMer into a sprinter.

But I do those things anyway — because I refuse to settle. I proudly wear the bandana design on my Signature Suit as a reminder that sometimes what you’re supposed to do isn’t what you are meant to do. So if you’ve got an outlaw side, or ever felt like an outsider, or have the urge to explore everything life has to offer, I designed this suit for you. Never stop exploring, never stop forging your own path.
” -Austin

20% of your purchase will go to Austin.

They are made to order with TLC so please allow about 2-3 weeks for delivery.  If you need help with sizing, see the chart to the left.


  • Low-stretch, flat draw string
  • Compression-fitting
  • Chlorine-resistant fabric
  • Spandex/polyester blend with four-way stretch technology
  • Durable flatlock stitch construction prevents chafe
  • Turned-in liner seams for optimum comfort
  • UPF 50+
  • Tagless
  • Made in America



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