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The Brick

"Its awesome. One of the best pieces of equipment I have used since the snorkel. Love how it enables you to kick in a natural position. You feel your core immediately. Great job with this." -Coach Bob Y.

To see what The Brick is, check out our "What is The Brick?" video.

The Brick does what no other equipment can:

Strengthens core muscles

Improves body position so you swim on top of the water, not through it

Increases power

Reduces wasted energy

Easily submerges for underwater kick

Great dryland weight! Can be used as extra weight either overhead or against your chest in vertical kick sets and in dryland training

The Science Behind The Brick: We designed The Brick so that it can only support itself, and not a pound more. So when you lay your arms on it, your whole body has to work to keep the board (and you) up. This means no more slacking off on kick sets!

But it's so much more than kick resistance- The Brick improves your body position and changes your movements into something more efficient and more powerful by forcing you to use your core muscles, the ones essential for fast swimming. It makes you work harder and smarter. The Brick isn’t about better kicking, it’s about faster swimming.  

LEARN MORE: For how-to videos, innovative new workouts, and ideas on how to introduce The Brick into your training, check out our YouTube channel and follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.

And always remember, if you train the same way, you get the same results.  SWIM DIFFERENT!



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